BLOG 3 - Choosing a name.

(Photo taken by Loren Sciurba, The Time Bum)

I chose the name Imperial for a few reasons. One, I did not want something difficult to pronounce, or something too long that ruined the aesthetics of the dial, or worse yet, something that would cause the average day person walking down the street to scrunch their nose and say, “A what?” after asking what watch I was wearing. But let’s be honest, how often does that happen to us watch lovers? Those are but the moments we dream about, being asked about our watches by strangers. Though, with the Royalguard on your wrist, you may find those moments occurring more frequently! 

Two, the word, “Imperial,” in itself evokes a sense of quality, of respect, and of recognition. It is a step above the rest. Whether it be from Star Wars, or from the history books, the word Imperial evokes a sense of emotion and of feeling. That is what I wanted my watch to do. I wanted people to look down at their wrist and feel like in that moment, with the Imperial Royalguard on, they were the kings (or queens) of their universe. They controlled that day’s outcome.