"I think this is the best jubilee bracelet outside of a Rolex jubilee bracelet! You do feel like this is a higher quality feeling watch, there has been attention to detail within the elements of the watch and the build quality has been tremendous!"
Check out the full review of the Oceanguard GMT here.

"This is amazing! I wish all watches had something like this. I have never seen on the fly adjustments like this! It is just flawless. It is just perfection." - Leo Vinteler
Check out Leo's full review of the Oceanguard GMT here.
"Imperial has produced a fabulous watch with uncommon style and period-correct details that you can order for just $350." - Loren Sciurba, The Time Bum 
Check out the review of the flagship Royalguard 200 as well as the review of the Limited Edition Models of the Royalguard 200 at



"Introducing the Royalguard 200, initially unveiled in October 2022. And when we say “unveiled,” we mean it was an instant sell-out hit, with every piece snatched up before it even had a chance to grace the hypothetical shelves." - Stephen Nichols, Worn and Wound 
Check out the full review of the Royalguard here.


"One of the newest and more charming affordable dive watches available today, it immediately pulled me in. It’s a watch that in many ways highlights the purity and fun of the hobby without taking itself too seriously." - Michael Penate, Two Broke Watch Snobs 
Check out the full review at


"Charming. Capable. Impressive. Choose your poison. They all fit the Imperial Watch Co. Royalguard 200. The timepiece is a well-executed mix of vintage design elements and modern durability. It is sleek and elegant, but at the same time whimsical and prepossessing." - Brent Robillard, Calibre321 
Royalguard 200 review at / Read the Oceanguard GMT review here.


"I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been a fan of gilt dials, just never been attractive to me, but that has all changed with this one!...It looks like a vintage skin diver!"
"This has got the vintage skin diver vibe that watch wet dreams are made of!"
- Watch Witt
YouTube review videos available at WatchWitt YouTube Channel -- Flagship Royalguard 200 Videos: Initial Unboxing and Full Review / Limited Edition Models Videos: Full Review / Oceanguard GMT Models: YouTube Review


"This is a great offering! It’s got every day wearability in its size! It’s got cool, vintage vibes that I haven’t seen elsewhere. And in this day and age of rising watch prices, it comes in at a great price!." - Pete, Chillin' Wit' Watches
Full YouTube review available at Chillin' Wit' Watches


"This has been the HourTime podcast, I’m John Biggs. I’m Victor Marks. I’m Nicholas De Leon. And we will see you next week at the 'Imperial Watch Company Podcast Show,' that we’ve just changed the name to because we’re all so in love with this watch." - The HourTime Show


In this first video from Imperial Watch Co. we go hands on with the Royalguard 200 and compare it to some other watches, test it out on some different strap and bracelet options, and talk about what inspired the watch.
Watch the full YouTube video here. You can also check out our latest video featuring the Limited Edition Models of the Royalguard 200 here.


“Vintage inspired watches are very popular right now, but this Royalguard 200 really channels that vintage feel! First, that domed sapphire really has that acrylic warmth. Second, the bracelet is absurdly comfortable with its 4 millimeter taper, I also love the high-polish on the outer links, it adds a bit of flash to the watch without being too loud. Third, I love this large crown! It makes winding and operating the watch that much easier! Finally, the overall color scheme and aesthetics of this watch are spot on! The black dial, gilt indices, and faded blue bezel go together perfectly!”
Watch the full YouTube review here.



“Really nice lume, another nice detail is look at that seconds hand, it perfectly aligns and is just perfectly sized as it goes around those circular indices! Which I really like! Same goes for that triangle pointer there on the minutes hand. Again you do get that really cool feature where things just line up. It feels very, very intuitive to read. This thing is gorgeous!” - Mark, Average Bros
Watch the full YouTube review here.


"I showed the Royalguard 200 to a watch maker and to others who work in luxury watch retail. The quality of the execution and the attention to detail were all commented on. It appeals to both younger and older customers and especially to those who have smaller wrists. As a comfortable, attractive, everyday sports watch the Royalguard 200 has a great deal of appeal." - Mark Wheeler, Scottish Watches 
Check out the full review at 


"The Imperial Watch Co. logo at 12 is my favorite logo of any brand’s first release. Imperial has executed the bezel pip exceptionally, my favorite feature on the watch. I wish more brands would follow suit and add pips like this. The Royalguard is a watch many people have been clamoring for. A correctly sized diver fills a gap that the big brands need to remember about." - Frank Affronti, Watchclicker 
Check out the full review at


The balanced proportions and the clear legibility are very nice! This faded aluminum insert is actually really cool! It  has this kind of faded look to it, which I’m a fan of! It’s this kind of blue-grey color. Overall it feels like a real nice kind of tool watch and it gives you this vintage vibe!”
Watch the full YouTube review here.
In this second video from Imperial Watch Co. I do a comparison of the Royalguard 200 and a 36mm explorer-size watch! I also take a look at the bracelet and how it compares to an Uncle Seiko (Uncle Straps) Speedmaster bracelet!
Watch the full YouTube review here.
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