New Limited Edition Models! - Coming Summer 2023

 The Royalguard 200 returns with a bang! Introducing new Limited Edition colorways, accompanied by date and no-date customizability

In October 2022 we launched our flagship dive watch, the Royalguard 200. A 38 millimeter diver with vintage-inspired aesthetics including a faded aluminum bezel insert, a high-dome sapphire crystal, a gilt dial with vintage lume, and a big crown. The Royalguard line invites owners to experience the feeling of a vintage skin diver—sleek, elegant, and more wearable—while still maintaining the precision, quality, and attitude of the modern-day dive watch. The result? A stylish and timeless look that sold out fast!

Now, the Royalguard 200 has returned for 2023 with three Limited Edition models! These new releases still retain those aspects of the Royalguard 200—a magical case, refined proportions, tapering bracelet, and reliable automatic mechanical caliber. But we took it a step further! Not only did we bring back the beloved faded blue/grey bezel of the original Royalguard, but this summer we will introduce three additional colorways (that’s right, three!), AND a date functionality as an option to customers! These elements come together to form a lineup of watches that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone!

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the newest additions to the Imperial Watch Co. lineup!

This Limited Edition model features a faded, matte green insert that evokes a vintage feeling with its patina’d appearance. The name, “Ghosted Green,” comes from the term “ghost bezel” used to describe a rare and desirable effect seen on some vintage watch bezels where the colors begin to fade from sun exposure, frequent use, and/or faded pigments. Finding a ghosted bezel used to be about as likely as seeing, well, a ghost! But no more!
This Limited Edition model features a faded red insert that rivals even the most desirable of sun-bleached, vintage dive watches from long ago. A matte finish accentuates hints of burgundy and copper to showcase a color not seen on any production model watch in recent years.
This Limited Edition model features a faded black insert that perfectly combines tones of matte grey and black to bring you a custom, vintage-inspired look you won’t find anywhere else. The color black is associated with power, authority, elegance, functionality, and sophistication. Featuring a more subdued, faded color, this Limited Edition watch is sure to stand out amongst the crowd, without screaming for attention.

But wait! There's more...

Date/No-Date Options
In addition to the limited edition, custom inserts, each of the three Limited Edition Royalguard 200 watches comes with a date and no-date option. Date-option watches feature a custom red and black roulette date wheel with hand-drawn font. The date wheel features the highly desirable “flat three” and “open six and nine” numerals, seen on vintage submariners and skin divers from the mid to late-1900s.

Pricing & Availability
Each Limited Edition Royalguard model is limited in quantity:

Retail Price — $500

All Limited Edition models are ready-to-ship and there will be no pre-order waiting period! For more details on the Royalguard 200 and its origins, check out the product page for our flagship Royalguard 200 (now Sold Out). Now is your chance to experience what it is like to own a vintage dive watch, all without having to sacrifice the advantages of modern-day watchmaking, or your life’s savings!

NOTE: Free shipping is included on all U.S.A. orders. Shipping outside the U.S.A. will be calculated at checkout based on order size, value, and items included. Imperial Watch Co. is not responsible for paying any import duty taxes/VAT charges for international shipments.