Strap & Bracelet Options for the Royalguard 200

Looking to change up the look of your Royalguard 200 watch? Make use of those drilled lugs for easy strap and bracelet changes to find the look you are searching for! Here are some options that customers have found success in fitting to the Royalguard watch line!
1) Curved/fitted-end rubber straps made for the Swatch X Omega Moonswatch (who would have thought!). 
This particular strap shown above is from AliExpress and offers an affordable option for those seeking the comfort of a rubber strap, without sacrificing a near perfect lug fitment! You can find this strap available here
Shown above is another variation of the curved/fitted-end rubber strap made for the Omega Moonswatch. Also from AliExpress and available here.

And here is a curved end rubber Moonswatch strap from Perpetual Straps! This seems to further add evidence to support that many of the Moonswatch straps from multiple brands may fit the Royalguard. If you are in the market for a premium rubber strap, this may be a great option! The strap shown in the photos above is available here.

 Photos by @pswrist and @watch_artloji, Instagram. 
2) Smith's Steel Bracelets
Looking to add some additional vintage vibes to your watch? Check out the fitment of this Smith's Everest Rivet Bracelet on those lugs! You can find these available here

They even offer a jubilee bracelet! Check it out here.

 Photos by @ck201, Watchuseek, and @chillinwitwatches, Instagram

Found another option not listed here that worked well? Let us know! Send us an email, a DM on Instagram, or a shout via any one of our social media channels and we'll add it to the list! 

3) Uncle Seiko Beads of Rice (BOR) Bracelet

 Photos provided by @kpjimmy, Instagram

Another great vintage-styled option is the BOR bracelet! This one, coming from "Uncle" (formerly Uncle Seiko) offers hollow end links that appear to be a match made in heaven for the Royalguard! You can find this strap available at Uncle's website here.

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Found another option not listed here that worked well? Let us know! Send us an email, a DM on Instagram, or a shout via any one of our social media channels and we'll add it to the list!